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relaxed a nighttime curfew in washington. president obama is urging movement towards free elections. he commented on the role of the military during the transition like this. >> that means protecting the rights of egypt's citizens, lifting the emergency law, revising the constitution and other laws to make this change irreversible. >> even though the military is in control of the country right now, obama says it's only a temporary caretaker, and despite the euphoria in egypt, he warns days ahead will be difficult. he says this is not the end of egypt's transition, it is just the beginning. >>> and signs of unrest today in another north african country. about 10,000 people flooded the streets of the capital of algeria. as many as 30,000 police officers tried to stop the protests. a human rights activists says more than 400 people were arrested. marchers want democratic reforms, but unlike in egypt, the protest in algeria is not geared towards getting rid of the president; a state of emergency has been in effect there for nearly 20 years. >>> at least 21 people are dead after a taliban at
>>> another day, another round of protests, in egypt, as president obama has a warning for the current government. >>> the san jose police department tries an innovative approach in hopes of educating its toughest critics. >>> and they've been called the wave of the future but what is standing in the way of the electric car revolution? it is 8:30 on saturday morning. the 5th of february, 2011. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> everywhere? >> yes. >> really? >> isn't it? >> i thought it was june. >> you're making me second- guess myself. actually i have to give myself some credit because the teleprompter says the 4th. >> i'm honest this morning. >> it feels like june. as we see very warm temperatures across the bay this morning. we could be headed for record high temperatures, as we've got a strong offshore breeze developing across the region and temperatures up about 10 degrees already this morning from where we were yesterday at this time. and that trend continues, we will set some records, again upper 60s, to low 70s, and that's the old records throughout th
many people were killed. in washington, president obama signed an executive order freezing the assets in the u.s. held by gadhafi and four of his children. and in new york today, the u.n. security council is meeting again to consider a travel ban and asset freeze against gadhafi and key members of his government. >>> a high seas ferry chartered by the u.s. government finally arrived on the island of malta last night, carrying over 300 evacuees from libya, including almost 200 americans. it had been stuck in the tripoli harbor since wednesday because of rough water and high winds in the area. about 40 of the americans arriving in malta were government officials, including staff from the u.s. embassy at tripoli. the charter plane also left libya on friday with the rest of the u.s. diplomatic personnel. >>> back to our main story around here, certainly the weather, the flakes flying overnight, and the cold. >> you know, it started this morning, workers told me they thought it was christmas. they got up to see the snow and there wasn't any. >> a little disappointing. had you to travel to
democrats want to keep spending at 2010 levels. president obama is threatening a veto, if necessary. the bill would cut aid for schools and for the poor. a change approved yesterday would take away every dollar set aside for healthcare reform. other provisions would shelter coal companies and oil refiners from new regulations. >>> tens of thousands of protesters will be back at the state capital in wisconsin today, rallying against a budget cutting plan pushed by the state's new republican governor. >> we will, we will rock you! >> as many as 40,000 people gathered yesterday in and a local sheriff says today the crowd could swell to 70,000. union members like firefighters and teachers want to stop the governor from taking away most of their collective bargaining rights, opposing a plan to prohibit public health workers to contribute more to their pensions. walker says the cuts are necessary to cut budget deficits. >>> in the latest developments from the persian gulf and north africa, human rights watch estimates that 84 people have been killed in a crackdown in libya, crackdown on a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4